Splashing on Spheres (2022)

The Department of Engineering Science at Oxford produced a news item to accompany the release of our JCIS paper looking at droplet splashing on curved substrates.

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Surface Jets (2020)

The University of Leeds produced a press release to accompany the release of our Phys. Rev. Fluids paper on internal flows in impacting and coalescing droplets. It was picked up by an amazing number of science and popular media outlets, including Popular Mechanics, FY Fluid Dynamics!,, Science Daily, Tech Explorist, Naked Science (in Russian), Sciences Et Avenir (in French), IFL Science, FOX, EurekAlert! | AAAS, Sputnik News (in Spanish), Science Alert,, and MSN News (as repost from Popular Mechanics).

This Facebook post attracted over 1,500 reactions and over 400 shares:

The Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford, which was where I conducted these experiments during my Leeds PhD, has used our videos in several publications. They also produced a news item when the paper was released.

Introduction Video (used for virtual open days)

A clip from one of our videos appears at 1m38s.

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