Academic Timeline


Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Fluid Dynamics

University of Oxford (Department of Engineering Science)

Oct 2020 – Present Oxford, UK
A Royal Society funded position in Alfonso Castrejón-Pita’s fluid dynamics laboratory, working on a variety of droplet dynamics.

Integrated PhD and MSc in Fluid Dynamics

University of Leeds (EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Fluid Dynamics)

Sep 2016 – Sep 2020 Leeds, UK

A UKRI/EPSRC funded studentship to undertake an integrated PhD and MSc.

Thesis title: Internal dynamics of coalescing droplets.

Supervisors: Mark C.T. Wilson (lead), David Harbottle, Zinedine Khatir, Harvey M. Thompson.


Undergraduate Research Intern

University of Leeds (Leeds Institute for Data Analytics/ School of Mathematics)

Jun 2015 – Sep 2015 Leeds, UK

A URKI/EPSRC funded undergraduate research internship, which I undertook over ten weeks during the summer preceeding the final year of my undergraduate degree.

Project Title: Anonymisation of healthcare records.

Project overview

Supervised by Charles C. Taylor and Jochen Voss, and supported by The Phoenix Partnership (TPP), I undertook research on metric-based methods for matching anonymised datasets. In particular, I investigated methods of linking anonymised healthcare records with inconsistent patient identifiable data (and therefore different anonymous identifiers) within NHS-like integrated digital records.

Key achievements

  • Development of an R code implementing a proposed standard procedure for adding new name-identifed records to an anonymised dataset.
  • Outline of a probability-based method for linking healthcare records with inconsistent patient names (due to common name variations and typographical errors).
  • Creation of a large training dataset for researchers via Linux-based web scraping and data processing.

BSc in Mathematics

University of Leeds (School of Mathematics)

Sep 2013 – Jul 2016 Leeds, UK