On-demand pitch tuning of printed chiral nematic liquid crystal droplets

Identifying facile means with which to tune the pitch of, and therefore the reflected colour from, chiral nematic liquid crystals (CLC) is of interest for many different photonics applications including optical filters, coloured displays, and …

Enhancing and visualising mixing between impacting droplets

APS March Meeting 2023 (Session Q18.1 -- 15:00 Wednesday)

Mixing between coalescing droplets

IOP Printing for the Future 2022

Droplet impact onto finite-depth pools

APS March Meeting 2022 (Session G11.1 -- 11:30 Tuesday)

Internal flows during droplet coalescence

*Invited talk:* QMUL Colloid & Interface Webinar

Substrate wettability affects mixing during droplet coalescence

73rd Annual APS DFD Meeting

Internal dynamics of coalescing droplets

Internal flows determine the extent of advective mixing (stretching and folding of fluid interfaces) between coalescing droplets, effectively defining the initial condition for molecular diffusion to homogenise the fluid. Efficient mixing is …

Substrate wettability influences internal jet formation and mixing during droplet coalescence

The internal dynamics during the axisymmetric coalescence of an initially static free droplet and a sessile droplet of the same fluid are studied using both laboratory experiments and numerical simulations. A high-speed camera captured internal flows …

Surface jets and internal mixing during the coalescence of impacting and sessile droplets

The internal dynamics during the coalescence of a sessile droplet and a subsequently deposited impacting droplet, with either identical or distinct surface tension, is studied experimentally in the regime where surface tension is dominant. Two color …

Mixing within impacting and coalescing droplets of different surface tension

UKFN Drop Dynamics SIG Meeting: January 2020