Mathematical Modelling

Droplet impact on liquid pools

*Invited talk:* LIFD 5th Birthday Celebration Event

Droplet splashing on dry and wet surfaces

*Invited talk:* Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research Colloquium

Droplet splashing on solid and liquid surfaces

*Invited talk:* Brown Center for Fluid Mechanics Seminar Series

Intersymbol interference for electrophoretic molecular communication in circular duct channels

This letter investigates electrophoretic molecular communication (EMC) operating in circular duct channels. EMC utilizes the time-varying electrophoretic force that can controllably induce the movement of charged particles to enhance communication …

Droplet splashing on curved substrates

Droplets impacting dry solid substrates often splash above a certain threshold impact velocity. We *hypothesise* that substrate curvature alters splashing thresholds due to a modification to the lift force acting on the lamella at the point of …

Substrate curvature affects droplet splashing thresholds

APS March Meeting 2022 (Session G11.3 -- 11:54 Tuesday)

Electrophoretic molecular communication with time-varying electric fields

This article investigates a novel electrophoretic molecular communication mechanism that utilizes a time-varying electric field, which induces time-varying molecule velocities and in turn improves communication performance. For a sinusoidal field, we …

Inertial stretching separation in binary droplet collisions

Binary droplet collisions exhibit a wide range of outcomes, including coalescence and stretching separation, with a transition between these two outcomes arising for high Weber numbers and impact parameters. Our experimental study elucidates the …

It’s harder for droplets to splash on small spheres

*Invited talk:* Warwick Fluid Dynamics Research Centre Seminar

Numerical and experimental analysis of the sedimentation of spherical colloidal suspensions under centrifugal force

Understanding the sedimentation behaviour of colloidal suspensions is crucial in determining their stability. Since sedimentation rates are often very slow, centrifugation is used to expedite sedimentation experiments. The effect of centrifugal …