Effect of surfactants on the splashing dynamics of drops impacting smooth substrates

We present the results of a systematic study elucidating the role that dynamic surface tension has on the spreading and splashing dynamics of surfactant-laden droplets during the impact on hydrophobic substrates. Using four different surfactants at …

Droplet impact on liquid pools

*Invited talk:* LIFD 5th Birthday Celebration Event

Droplet splashing on dry and wet surfaces

*Invited talk:* Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research Colloquium

High-speed drop impact onto moving pools: ejecta sheets and splashing

76th Annual APS DFD Meeting (Session ZC20.1 -- 12:50 Tuesday)

Droplet impact dynamics on shallow pools

When a fast droplet impacts a pool of the same fluid, a thin ejecta sheet that dominates the early-time dynamics emerges within the first few microseconds. Fluid and impact properties are known to affect its evolution; we experimentally reveal that …

Droplet impact dynamics on shallow pools

75th Annual APS DFD Meeting (Session T12.6 -- 17:15 Monday)

Droplet splashing on solid and liquid surfaces

*Invited talk:* Brown Center for Fluid Mechanics Seminar Series

Droplet splashing on curved substrates

Droplets impacting dry solid substrates often splash above a certain threshold impact velocity. We *hypothesise* that substrate curvature alters splashing thresholds due to a modification to the lift force acting on the lamella at the point of …

Droplet impact onto finite-depth pools

APS March Meeting 2022 (Session G11.1 -- 11:30 Tuesday)

Substrate curvature affects droplet splashing thresholds

APS March Meeting 2022 (Session G11.3 -- 11:54 Tuesday)