Droplet impact dynamics on shallow pools

When a fast droplet impacts a pool of the same fluid, a thin ejecta sheet that dominates the early-time dynamics emerges within the first few microseconds. Fluid and impact properties are known to affect its evolution; we experimentally reveal that …

On-demand pitch tuning of printed chiral nematic liquid crystal droplets

Identifying facile means with which to tune the pitch of, and therefore the reflected colour from, chiral nematic liquid crystals (CLC) is of interest for many different photonics applications including optical filters, coloured displays, and …

Enhancing and visualising mixing between impacting droplets

APS March Meeting 2023 (Session Q18.1 -- 15:00 Wednesday)

Droplet impact dynamics on shallow pools

75th Annual APS DFD Meeting (Session T12.6 -- 17:15 Monday)

Droplet splashing on solid and liquid surfaces

*Invited talk:* Brown Center for Fluid Mechanics Seminar Series

Mixing between coalescing droplets

IOP Printing for the Future 2022

Droplet splashing on curved substrates

Droplets impacting dry solid substrates often splash above a certain threshold impact velocity. We *hypothesise* that substrate curvature alters splashing thresholds due to a modification to the lift force acting on the lamella at the point of …

Droplet impact onto finite-depth pools

APS March Meeting 2022 (Session G11.1 -- 11:30 Tuesday)

Substrate curvature affects droplet splashing thresholds

APS March Meeting 2022 (Session G11.3 -- 11:54 Tuesday)

Inertial stretching separation in binary droplet collisions

Binary droplet collisions exhibit a wide range of outcomes, including coalescence and stretching separation, with a transition between these two outcomes arising for high Weber numbers and impact parameters. Our experimental study elucidates the …